I'm proud to announce my upcoming tour to Japan in October 2017!

October 7th, 2017: Concert @ Chokouji Temple in Gyoda with Pianist Kimura Miki
October 8th, 2017: Concert at the International Junior Orchestra festival
October 9th, 2017: Concert in Otofuke with Pianist Kawakami Atsuko
October 10th, 2017: Concert in Shibetsu with Pianist Toriyabe Miho
October 11th, 2017: Concert in Asahikawa with Pianist Toriyabe Miho
October 12th, 2017: Masterclass in Sapporo
October 15th, 2017: Concert at Nishino Hora in Tatebayashi
October 17th, 2017: Concert at Akasaka Kumin Hall in Tokyo

Annika Ulla Schmid