I'm very happy to start in the upcoming season after a very beautiful and intense summer with many musical highlights. Happy I joined the last edition after 20 years of "Landsberger Sommermusiken" with colleagues of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and as always, it was a magical place to be.

We had a fantastic and successful charity concert, performed by JCM for Superar (the Austrian “El Sistema”) at MuTh in Vienna and I’m more than grateful to all our sponsors and supporters - thank you so much for realizing this project with us.

A wonderful place to meet musician from all over the world was the festival Harriet & Friends, located at Burg Feistritz. It formed musical collaboration on the highest level and great occasion to find like-minded musicians.

One of the most exciting encounters this summer was the collaboration with the composer Fabio Vacchi at the Asiago Festival in Italy. I had the possibility to perform two works by this amazing Italian composer when I was gratefully joining the Festival led by Julius Berger.

I experienced my first Schammelklang in Litschau and I highly recommend this festival to everyone who would like to get in touch with Viennese music. Spread around a beautiful lake in lower Austria, multiple stages present the best musicians this scene has to offer.

Yet again it was a great pleasure to have been invited again to the Neuberger Kulturtage, where I shared the stage with members of the Artis Quartet, Magda Amara and Eszter Haffner and to perform in Langenargen - a place I always love coming back to.

Annika Ulla Schmid